All that Glitters is on the Gold Coast

It’s never easy to predict the events of a housing cycle. It’s like trying to take a guess at when your pet hamster is going to climb on his wheel and start running. Hamsters, like real estate, are fickle. Your best bet is to leave such predictions up to the experts.

SM Properties and Investments specialise in a range of property types in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, providing excellent advice and helping you plan your next move. And it looks like your next move ought to be over to Queensland’s sunny, sandy and surf-y Gold Coast. At least, this is what the experts are saying.

To buy, or not to buy?

Since the easing up of the global financial crisis, experts such as Cohen Handler’s Jordan Navybox have been touting Queensland—especially Brisbane and the Gold Coast—as the area most likely to experience a big boom in the real estate market. The sluggish economy caused prices to drop dramatically, but now that things are picking up again, the prices are still catching up to match the demand. Investors are buying up while the market is hot and the prices won’t set fire to the reasoning centre in your brain.

Herron Todd White attribute this demand to population increase. Currently the median property price in Brisbane is more than $200,000 under both Sydney and Melbourne, but a 7 – 11 percent increase in prices is expected throughout 2016. Professional consensus? Strike while the iron’s hot.

Can you afford such a jewel? recommends, for buyers in the $500,000 to $600,000 range, staying away from the central Gold Coast region. Prices have already shot up on the coast, being one of the more popular regions. Anyone with a budget up to $ 750,000 should look in the fringe suburbs of Ashmore, Carrara, Varsity lakes, including Mermaid Beach. Up to $1,000,000 Broadbeach and there are excellent new apartments in Surfers just release, near the rail network and stroll to the beach.

Overall, these fluctuations don’t last; keen investors spot them before everyone else and the best deals soak up like red wine into carpet—don’t regret not snatching it up before it’s all over. That said, SM Properties have some of Australia’s top financial advisors. Sometimes trying to pick what to buy and where is simply throwing darts in the dark. Let your investors turn the lights on and clarify everything for you.

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