Pros and Cons of Living in a Townhouse vs. Apartment

Choosing a home to buy requires research and making decisions between viable choices. Someone who is looking to purchase a home in an urban environment, such as along the Gold Coast, may be weighing the scales between townhouses and apartments, both economical and suitable for city dwellers and their families.

SM Properties & Investments shows many listings available for townhouses and apartments, some of which have up to 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 garages. These are all located in convenient and scenic areas, by lakes, golf courses or close to hospitals, schools and Shopping.

But how does one choose between townhouses or apartments?

One perk of living in a townhouse is that you own a patch of land to call your own. It may be a small patch, but its still soil you can work with, landscape your back yard, if big enough put in a plunge pool or plant your own vegetable and herb garden. Townhouses are usually on average a lot bigger than an apartment based on the same purchase price.

Living in a townhouse, your body corporate is usually less, in some cases it covers the building insurance and others you are liable. There are townhouses now being built at Robina on the Gold Coast with no Body Corporate however you will be responsible for the building insurance and up keep. In another advantage of living in a townhouse you usually have one neighbor and no body living on top of you

The great advantages of living in an apartment is that there are more choices in more locations to choose from and usually have wonderful facilities, pool, Gym close to either a beach or waterway especially on the Gold Coast or in the most populated areas, apartment buildings are chosen for their security and close to shopping centers.
In an apartment, you will have a balcony or terrace; some apartments have very large balconies and depending on the level, can have magnificent views and great for outside entertaining.

There are excellent Townhomes and Apartments located on the Gold Coast and depending on your wants and needs, SM Properties & Investments can assist you with making the right decision.

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